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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Dina & Artem

Dina and Artem’s journey began after stumbling upon each other through an Instagram ad Dina had launched. The early part of 2021 served as a turning point for both of them. Like many musicians, having experienced their lives turn upside- down during the pandemic, they both were searching for ways to keep chasing their dreams in spite of all that was happening. But casual writing session over WhatsApp turned into an unexpected songwriting partnership that crossed continents and all odds. Their goals, dreams and ourneys so far have all come together as pieces of one puzzle. They both began as classical musicians and immediately there was an innate musical understanding of one another that laid a great groundwork for the creation of something beautiful. In their music they bring melodies to life that push boundaries and break the mold. Instead of trying to fit into what exists they create music that goes deeper into the human mind and emotions.

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